• AIET 2020

2020 Intl. Conf. on Artificial Intelligence in Education Technology

Full Virtual Style | July 19-21, 2020


Considering the COVID-19 pandemic and travel restrictions in most of countries, AIET 2020 conference has been held in full virtual style on July 19-21, 2020. Although participants cannot attend the physical conference, but we think that the virtual conference was also a rewarding experience for them.

In the conference, Prof. Yu Xinguo from Central China Normal University, China, Prof. Yanjiao Chen from Wuhan University, China, and Assoc. Prof. Eric C.K. Cheng from The Education University of Kong Kong, China made the keynote speeches to discuss the latest progress related to Education Reform Driven by Intelligent Technology, Knowledge Management for Improving School Strategic Planning: Testing the Applicability of the SECI model in School Context, etc.

Meanwhile, in the parallel sessions, participants also started to discuss about E-learning and Educational Technology, Teaching Management and Educational Research, etc.